Ricardo Oliveira Alves



Ricardo Oliveira Alves photographes architecture for over 10 years. Working with a generous portfolio of national and international clients, his work has already been awarded an honorable mention by Architizer A + Awards, being one of twenty photographers selected from all over the world to be present in the 15th International Exhibition of Architecture – La Biennale di Venezia 2016.
He is mainly asked to photograph projects, in general remarkable ones, conceived by the most recognized portuguese studios, having his work frequently published in the most proeminent architecture and photography magazines, in and outside his country.

In Mark magazine, we have published Ricardo’s photos of Guedes Cruz’s retirement home in Alcabideche and villa in Cascais, among others. His photos are both an objective documentary of the built environment and a personal exploration of it, combing factual information with individual interpretation. The result is sometimes strangely eerie, but always beautiful.
– David Keuning, Editor|Mark Magazine

“We keep counting year after year with Ricardo Oliveira Alves photographic collaboration being that one of shooting a project in order to be published or only to stay in our own archive. The reasons that make us choose his services go beyond the excellence of his work for Ricardo commits to established compromises with huge professionalism.
– Sofia Machado Santos, Architect, CO-Founder |GA S2 Arquitetos Associados

“Project development involving Ricardo Oliveira Alves allow our communication concepts to be adapted in a very sharp way making our audio-visuals gain strong impact and quality.
– Tiago Vidal, Diretor Geral| Llorente & Cuenca

The image of the today’s architectural photography is manipulated, therefore distorted. It is difficult to recognize the truth of the reality. The only sincere way of presentation can be achieved when photography captures the silence in Architecture. In this way presents what is behind the process of creation. Ricardo Oliveira Alves is able to make this kind of images with his sincerity and open heart.
– Dr. Bostjan Bugaric, architect | Architcetuul

Ricardo’s work quality is inquestionable as we can easily tell by looking at his architecture photographs. But apart from that, Ricardo has other virtues that I’d like to refer such as his sense of cooperation, mental availability and dialog openness wich brings visible harmony between what the architects intentions are and the respective image shooting, making of each register a combined, sensitive and unique project.
– Filipe Paixão, Architect |Corpo atelier

Ricardo Oliveira Alves was born in Lisbon, a well known city by its inspiring light, imagery and cinematographic routes. An unavoidable origin especially to whom deals with creativity and image. Along his way, Ricardo has crossed different areas of knowledge and interests, from architecture to music, from directing to producing, until he reached a more profound and complete dedication to architecture photography.
His work reflects this same dialectics, with an immanent approach even in the simpler shots. A life in space made of natural light, no artifices, nor cosmetic interventions.

Archilapse – Architecture vs cinematographic process.

Light phenomena, a simple but so important element in our existence, motivated Ricardo to throw an imaginary net and dive in the time of spaces. Through Timelapse, a visual technique, he did an approach to architecture with a surprising outcome. This experience is based on doing a sequential register of an architectonic space and, by accelerating time, we can see how time and light change the space, how it comes to life and absolutely goes beyond its four walls and our five senses. “The way natural light is transforming as time goes by, is a fascinating mistery” he says.