Renate Graf – The photographer’s chronicles: thoughts become images 1992 | 2019


Mirat Gallery
Rui Freire – Fine Art
Tiago Feijoo


Palácio Anjos


The Town Council of Oeiras, in collaboration with the Mirat Gallery and Rui Freire – Fine Art and Tiago Feijoo, presents the exhibition Renate Graf – The photographer’s chronicles: thoughts become images 1992 | 2019, from 13 September to 29 December, at the Anjos Palace, located at Alameda Hermano Patrone, Algés. The visit to the exhibition is free.

The exhibition presents the work of the photographer during two decades of travels, from South India to Anselm Kiefer’s studio.

Renate Graf began her work in photography over 25 years ago. The images she creates are the result of her travels over the years, mainly to India, but also to Morocco, Italy, Germany, Austria, where she was born, and France, where she lived. From the privileged proximity with the famous German artist Anselm Kiefer, result a series of photographs that allow us to enter the intimacy and creative universe of the artist. In a unique way, Renate Graf transforms the images into presences, through her singular look. Her work has been presented in numerous exhibitions in Austria, Germany, China, USA, France, among others, and integrates important international collections, both institutional and private.

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