Vítor Almeida


Porto, Portugal




It was 15 years ago, to the sound of Tom Jobim, that Vitor Almeida created the space eu.sei.que.vou.te.amar., in Porto, an interior design shop marked by unique pieces, conceived with high quality materials and thought to last. Today, it’s the architect’s turn in Porto to broaden his horizons, starting with a new project: ESQVTA luxury housing.

In these luxury housing units the pillars of the brand are maintained, seeking to privilege furniture, lighting and handcrafted and national objects. Works by Alexandre Conefrey, Hugo Amorim, Thierry Simões or Elisa Pône fill the walls of the first volume of the project, the result of Vitor Almeira’s partnership with the Yamagata architecture studio. The result is a minimalist and functional register, marked by Japanese references and timeless pieces, such as the AKARI lamps by Isamu Noguchi.

“We wanted to include the scents that define the brand, the customised bedclothes or the playlists that make up the soundtrack of the mother space”, the studio tells us, reinforcing the clear connection to Brazilian culture, so important within the company. 

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