Mónica Parreira


Lisboa, Portugal




Interior design project of a house located in Restelo, for a couple with 2 small children and a dog that gave it its name: Juno.


The briefing left no room for doubt: to create a space for a family with 2 small children and a dog, JUNO, which is part of the family!

He is a charismatic Weimaraner of taupe colour with a lot of personality. So much, that he uses the house at his pleasure… especially when it comes to the sofa! And it was for this reason that this nice dog ended up becoming one of the main sources of inspiration, especially when it comes to choosing materials, finishes and, very important, colors. And that’s why a sofa of JUNO’s color appears. Then, an armchair in JUNO’s color and even a carpet in shades close to JUNO’s. This nice member of the family ended up being present throughout the creative process. And that’s how it turned out: the JUNO house.

The highlight goes to the exclusivity of this project, when it comes to equipment design, since most of the furniture pieces were specially designed by Mónica Parreira for each space.

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