Micaela Sobral
Luís Monteiro


Manufacturers: Amorim Cortiça, Preceram, Represtor, Thermowood


Aroeira, Portugal


250.00 m2




The house is set in a pine forest near the beach with a big cliff as stage. In search of the light and the oblique line of the cliff the house rises and turns on itself.

This house was designed by bioclimatic principles naturally. The façade is covered with cork at ground level, transmitting interior comfort and an intrinsic connection to the earth allowing the upper volume to come loose and the house to become light.

The house expands into a private pine forest area that functions as a patio. Through these large spans to the south the house lives constantly of its contact with the outside being guaranteed its privacy by the few openings for patios in the remaining facades hidden by vertical wooden elements. The house is neither big nor small, it has the size of a house, which is always a great feeling.

The project was underpinned by a set of passive energy solutions that greatly contribute to the reduction of energy expenditure and environmentally sustainable solutions.

From implementation and guidance, through the opening of spans and their shading.

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