Room with a View


Jorge Nesbitt


Jeanne Bucher Jaeger Gallery


The Jeanne Bucher Jaeger – Lisboa Gallery is pleased to announce the exhibition – Room With a View. Jorge Nesbitt’s work is presented for the first time at the gallery. The show will include his latest Linocuts, a technique used by the artist since 2015. The gallery is publishing a catalogue for the occasion, including the totality of Jorge Nesbitt’s Linocut work, between 2015-2018.

The creative universe of Jorge Nesbitt is easily recognizable through the unusual associations present in his works. To the obvious references to literature, with a special closeness to the work of Gertrude Stein, are associated in these series multiple references, from 17th century Dutch painting to Picasso’s modernism, to whom Jorge Nesbitt reports primarily in the beautiful Still-life with skulls series, presented here for the first time.

The originality and very personal character of Jorge Nesbitt’s work stems from this complex combination of artistic and literary anities, coupled with a remarkable technical versatility. In this sense, his works belong to their time making use of the right dose of humor and poetry necessary to the condition of contemporary artist. Or, as Manuel Castro Caldas suggests in his text on the artist’s work: To pass through the narrow gate of the here-and-now”, to recongure the future with images or words – no longer in images or words – such is, perhaps, the task at hand.

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