Architecture is too complex to be represented in photography. It has to be lived with all our senses. Photography is the most economical and quickest way to communicate Architecture but it is not the truest. It is reductive to think that one can translate or represent architecture in photography. So Archilapse was born.

Since 2012 I started to approach architecture video under the brand “Archilapse” trying to go further in trying to explore new solutions, beyond photography, for a more immersive Architecture experience. The goal was to show how architecture is not just static walls, floors and ceilings. It’s a living thing that transforms itself throughout the day, creating absolutely incredible situations but too slow for us to see them. The only way to experience them would be to increase time speed and therefore the solution would be a timelapse.

With so much work already done on architectural video, we thought it was time to show it.
We decided to make several edits so that the user would feel a different and deeper experience when logging on our site. We edited 5 different videos and this is one of them.

We want to share these videos here because they were originally edited with sound but for technical reasons related to some browsers blocking the video for having sound, we chose to have the homepage version without sound ensuring that the video always opens in any browser.

I have always imagined the sound of these videos as relatively abstract sounds, without beats and that they were also immersive and sensorial since the video is composed of several different videos from different origins and it would be the sound that would stick them all together.

You can see some archillapse examples below:
The House Of Stories
The Fragrant House

Other Projects